Wake up and live!

A few weeks ago I was lamenting over the leap of faith. Two days ago, I leaped.

I am moving to New York City. The City we all dream about, the City that makes us believe in dreams and that they can actually come true, the City, where grass seems greener.

I do not remember the first time I got that tickling feeling in my body whispering to me: ‘go to NYC!’ But I do remember that since the first time I visited her that tickling feeling just does not wanna stop. For a year or so, I envisioned thousands time how I stroll around the streets with a confident smile, knowing that I can…I can live my dream, too. I remember getting so excited about these pictures in my mind that I could not sleep.

Then I visited NYC for the second time and it felt like home. It wasn’t the pinky love anymore, it was a relationship – with all the bad and ugly. But still a love story. I did stroll the streets with a confident smile and I did know that I can live my dreams,too.

I just did not know how…DSC_0816

But I tend  to believe in signs: a song, a book, a quote, a picture, a movie, and then a University course, then a reminder email, then a good news from a doctor (once I might be able to talk about this also) and then there you go: NYC is jumping in front of you from all directions. (just unbearable, isn’t it? 🙂 )

Or perhaps these are not signs, but life gives us more of what we focus on? Two days ago I decided to make a step and in two weeks I am off to go. Off to go to live my dream and I believe there is hardly any scarier and more exciting thing in life than actually live the life you want.

Since once you are on the path, you can fail, you can lose a dream, you can get disappointed….BUT (and here comes the great part) you can also succeed, you can also earn more dreams, and you can actually get happy...

Where will this path lead? Nobody knows. But life is just half led by the invisible hand, the other half is up to us.

Come with me and let’s see what happens!


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