are there any introverts in nyc?

Do you remember the concepts introverts and extroverts?

The first naturally shying away from the reflector lights, while the other enjoys being surrounded by a crowd, while demonstrating his latest joke.

Yeah. One is rather silent and hard to melt; the other comes as floating water not requiring any icebreaking.

Well, I think NYC lost a certain type of its population. I think NYC has got no introverts.

Here nobody hides, comes shy, or pretends that actually he is not even there, where he actually is.

Yes, NYC is the capital of extroverts. Here everybody has a gut, as if it would be an entry requirement besides showing your valid passport and visa.
As if the US security checks would be also an unnoticeable personality interview

Are you courageous enough? Are you open enough? Are you OK making a random stand-up comedy at any time? Are you OK dancing on the street at any time? Are you OK reading your latest poem on the subway at any time?

If the majority of you answers are yes, then you have the green light to enter the NYC jungle.

It surely comes as a cultural difference but if you are confident in Europe you still can get intimated over here. Why? Not sure but that’s the way it is.

Their ‘how are you’ sounds different than yours. Their entry to a bus looks different than yours. Their order at the pub acted differently than yours.
Everything is louder, bigger, more theatrical.
Just like a wide screened on-going movie.

White teeth, wide smiles and confident guts fused with a ’this is who I am take it or leave it’ unsaid life axiom.

Do I enjoy seeing this movie?

I love it.

Would anyone love it?

Most definitely not.

Here you have to go with the vibes, if not, you don’t survive. Here you ask. You seek. You do.
You want the magic. You go with open eyes and ears. Here you must be awake. Wild awake.

Just like the city; here you never sleep…or if you do, you could just live anywhere else…for cheaper…


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