I refuse to encourage stupidity: I refuse to be trendy

People are not stupid; they just learn to act like that. I refuse to encourage stupidity.

I came to New York to fly high. I came to New York to be encouraged to fly high. I came to New York to celebrate uniqueness.

I am exactly in the middle of my New York stay, and I don’t fly: neither low nor high. What is more, I am not even encouraged to fly. I am not invited to celebrate uniqueness.

I am forced to wear a uniform. I am encouraged to follow trends. I am coerced.

These three things make a rush on my body instantly, dizziness in my head and loud yells in my heart. NO! NO! NO!

As a ballet student, I was forced to wear uniforms (in and out), act according to the uniform, and be the uniform. I was forced to hold my head exactly 10 degrees bended towards my back, hold my middle finger exactly 20mm away from my pointing finger and I was asked to make my legs straighter because they don’t fit to the uniformity of dancer’s legs.

For long I was suffering, just quietly inside, until I realized I can’t breath. I looked around, and I saw little prototypes of ballerinas everywhere. All the same, doing the same, breathing at the same time, crying or laughing as asked.

To succeed you have to do this and that. To achieve something you have to this and that. To fit in you have to do this and that.

Rules everywhere. Rules are coded in your DNA. You became the ruler and ruled in one.

Since I stopped doing the same, breathing together with others and cry or laugh for command, hardly anything satisfies me. The bar of life was set too high…and too early.

My point shoes (which is much more comfortable than you would think) was changed for words. My uniform was changed for the freedom of sentences that add up to the big puzzle of life.

Words became my instruments, and my body rests in passivity. 360 revolution.

Words became my passion. The only real passion. My only entry to places, where reality has no open doors to. Words are like the stage – enables you to express, enables you to fly..

…but only until they don’t force you to wear uniforms.

So here I am sitting on my bed, overlooking the light of Manhattan, and I am not flying. Actually, I am injured. My wings got broken: They are asking me to wear a uniform again.

They ask me to use words according to rules, to use titles according to SEO, to write blogs according to Google’s desires, to choose topics according to trends…

Trends … I feel the rush appearing on my body once again.

So I have a confession to make: I am anti-trends. I want to delete the word trend. I want to protest against the trend.

Who gave this word such power after all?

I hate you, trend – and yes, this is personal.

But sometimes I feel I am a lonely fighter.

Once somebody asked me if I always want to be different on purpose, or it is just something unavoidable. I was in tears: “I wish I could be like anyone else. I wish I would not be different. I wish I could wear uniforms”.

But I just can’t. If they ask me to wear one, I can’t breath. I die between sadness and frustration.

From the age of 8 they asked me to wear a uniform. I tried. I tried very hard. I tried for 15 years. But I almost died. My soul almost died.

So I stopped being a ballerina – I put my tutus and point shoes up to our attic. Carefully placed in a box. Perhaps one day, they will tell me that I can wear anything…

I started being a writer instead – I asked my soul if she agrees, and she reacted. She started to heal and fly.

And now, again, they ask me to comply…

But this time I am stronger! This time, they can’t break me anymore.

I refuse to encourage stupidity: I refuse to be trendy!

I refuse to write articles about the top 5 breathing exercises, the 5 things I need to eat before I go to sleep, the 5 must known flirting tricks, the 5 greatest toilet paper I should try… the 5 articles I need to write in order to succeed.

I refuse to act stupid and encourage stupidity.

Of course, I am cynical and there great top 5 articles; but who is Trend to tell me that I can only succeed if I write according to it?

Thank you, but no, thank you.

Here are my five reasons, why I refuse to be trendy even if I risk ever to succeed as a writer:


Uniforms are part of an invisible standardization process. Uniforms kill creativity, kill the thinking ability, kill the uniqueness. The oddest example is reading headlines as 5 reasons how to be unique! Seriously? You tell me how to be unique, but Sarah and Jane will read the same, and Kate and Jackie as well. So thank you for creating 5 uniquely unique persons. Great job, Mr. Trend!

Trend is created by somebody. Which means that Trend was not there before. Which clearly means that somebody needed to refuse Trend to make a Trend. So if you follow the Trend, at best, you can only be part of trendy trend group. Not more! If you follow the Trend, you will never create a Trend. So, once again, great job!


5 best, 5 greatest, 5 must – follow the rules, and you become the greatest puppet of Trend. You don’t realize, and your are eaten up by Trend. Trend tells you how to dress, how to think, how to flirt. But Trend goes even deeper: trend goes into your bedroom and tells you how to touch your boyfriend, then it goes to your bathroom and tells you how to poop, then to your kitchen telling you how to organize your dishes…and it goes until your funeral. Trend is your best friend for life, just be careful not to lose sight of it because perhaps you will get control over your life. And as we know, people, who have control over their lives are dangerous – so just follow the Trend!


Trend is cruel. If you don’t comply, it rejects you. Trend doesn’t love you. Trend is selfish. It only likes itself. It only likes those, who comply. Do you really want to be part of the gang of cruelty and selfishness in the name of success?


I loved his book. Reading it was the first time when I felt ‘Oh, perhaps I am not alone’. Today, when I open my Facebook feed, I see and read the same Trends, and I can do that for hours, effortlessly. Be it culture magazine, travel journal, health blog. They all follow the Trend. I tell you why: they don’t write for the sake of writing, they write for the sake of going viral. They write for likes, shares, followers. They write from ego, not from the soul!

Everybody wants to be Somebody. So, everybody becomes a cow. And these cows make an animal farm. And if a pink rabbit knocks on the fence, the cows would reject with one voice: you are not a cow, go away, you are awkward!

So if the rabbit feels very alone,  eventually it will try to be a cow. Because belonging to the farm feels tempting, feels more secure, feels as a proud achievement. But if the rabbit is ok to be a rabbit, it will say goodbye to the cows and start building its own farm. A farm, where each part of the fence is different, where doors are open, where colors are many. This rabbit will refuse to be a cow, just because being a cow is Trendy.

So….I decided to build my own farm this time….and I am starting with the first brick by pressing: PUBLISH.


After I had pressed publish, I received this video:


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