Hello dear NYC Journal Reader,

This is me – the shadow writer. No, actually not; no shadows just me and my open (innerworld.

I am Virag (or call me Flower if you wish, as my name translates); a 29-year old Hungarian citizen with a patriotic heart but a global mind.

Why should you stay on my site?

        because it’s soulful – cheerful – useful


The NYC Journal is a special outlet  of the grass is always greener on the other side (GIAGOTOS), being my official site that is covering a rich array of topics from life and travel to serious world matters.

So why did I start a separate blog as The NYC Journal? – you may ask at this point.

Very simple: New York City deserves its own site, don’t you think?

If you want to know more about me, read on here but for now, let it be enough that I am former ballet dancer, who flirted with career paths as a diplomat and communication expert but currently acting as a freelancer journalist, photo-journalist. Writing these words are the results of a quick decision following her inner voice (or simply put: gut) to quit corporate life, put all her savings on one thing: go to New York City, breath the air of the dream factory and get some profitably-fun skills at NYU.

On this site I am here to present you, not necessarily my day by day movements  – but rather  feelings, questions, issues that my days in the Big Apple raise in me. Besides, enjoy my city wanders (with or without money), cult-hub, reviews, city snapshots and some survival tips for people like me: who never gonna be real New Yorkers but want it badly.


With a soulful, cheerful, useful hug,


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